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I'm no distinguished or master anything, I am just happy to hit the black. But here is my take on the cart subject.

After using a hand truck at Perry last year and having just a Creedmoor stool and deluxe bag I broke down last January and spent the money on the bare bones Schneller cart. Has been a purchase I in no way regret. Money well spent.

The entire package can seem like a lot of money to spend and it is. The cart @ $250 isn't bad but shipping is a big bite to chew on ($50 to get it to Michigan). I ended up also buying the rifle holder and the rear shelf.

Forget the quick handle removal add-ons. A couple of longer carriage bolts, 2 lock nuts and two plastic knobs for about $5 work great.

I am still accessorizing to meet my needs but the deluxe bag holds most of what is needed. Your coat and mat can sit on top crosswise and the scope stand will hold it all in there when using it as a handle as mentioned.

I have a small fold out stool I use for pit duty and to sit on while scoring. It has a small pouch in it and in that I have an eraser, chalk, wall paper spreader, scoring procedure card, ear muffs and extra ear plug, pasters, a few extra golf tees a spotting disk and a scoring disk. It will also hold a couple of bottles of water / gatoraide and some granola or candy bars.

It fits behind the fold down shelf and I just lash it with some bungy straps.

I also painted the top of the shelf with a hammertone flat finish as the glare can be quite blinding.

I like the idea of something to hold spare magazines.

One other thing to have... Something to cover your entire cart with in case of rain. A poncho works but isn't quite large enough. Some of the USAMU guys use a grill cover and it can cover a couple of carts at a time. Creedmoor, etc sell dedicated covers for their carts and they'll probably fit on the Schneller.

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