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Default Leather sling assembly

The sling

Before we get into the positions we have to look at the sling an how to use it.
Why do we use a sling? What kind of sling? How to put it on correctly. I'll answer these, and put some pictures to make it as clear as possible because the sling is your best friend.

The sling has two purposes, well really three, but for now it's two.
1) Provides maximum stability for the rifle in firing.
2) Instills confidence in the shooter.

The military learned long ago that to be effective in combat shooting, one must first be competent in fundamental marksmanship, and fundamental marksmanship starts with correctly using the sling.
There are lots of different slings, but for this discussion we will only cover the two types that are usually found on service rifles; The 1907 style loop sling, and the web sling.
I recommend the 1907 style leather sling made by Ron Brown, Les Tam, John Weller, or Turner slings. All of these are made with top quality leather that will last a long time. Use a sling that is 54" long.

The 1907 sling has a long piece with a "dog" or "frog" riveted to the end, two keepers, and a short side that has a D ring and another "dog" or "frog". The leather can be up to 1-1/4 inches wide, and up to 3/16 inch thick per the rulebook. It can have no more than two keepers.

Take your sling apart, and place the pieces on the floor in front of you like this:

1. Lay the long piece on the floor with the dog on the left side, and the shiny side of the leather up. (The frog's legs will point down)
2. The short side with the D ring is placed with the D ring to the left, and the rough side of the leather up. The dog is on the right side with the legs going up.
3. Take the two keepers and slide them onto the long piece up to the dog. THE KEEPERS AND THE DOG ALWAYS STAY TOGETHER.
4. Take the feed end of the long piece and put it DOWN through the D ring, then through the keepers, that are where? UP AGAINST THE DOG.....Right.
5. Now keep sliding the feed end to make the loop about half the size of the long piece.

That's all there is to it. Now it's time to put it on the rifle.

6. Take the feed end and put it DOWN through the upper sling swivel, and hook the dog on the second or third set of holes.

7. Take the dog on the short end UP through the bottom sling swivel, and hook it anywhere you want to carry your rifle comfortably, or to make a tight parade sling.

It is important to put it on this way. You will understand on the next installment of using the sling correctly.
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