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2 options as I see it. Use a "soft" load, a couple grains reduced from what you'd normally shoot. This would be safe even if they are some sort of magnum primer. Use 'em up for some offhand practice. That's what I'd do.

Option 2, drop some alcohol in each case, let it sit an hour, deprime, air dry and load as usual.

Too many variables to positively identify unless they have a "BR" microstamped on the cup. Manufacturers routinely change minor components like the foil and laquer used to seal the inside of primers. FWIW, in my current sample, S&B LR have a dark green foil under the anvil, Winchester are a pukey purplish green, and Fed LR match have a red laquer over the anvil, Rem 9 1/2 are yellowish cream foil. Only bright green I've seen was on Serbian commercial 7.62X54R used as a sealant around the primer cup applied after priming.

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