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Default Commercial Carbine Copies: Good Idea or Not So??

This foreign URL thread was referred to in another thread in this forum. I read the other forum thread word for word through 12 pages of posts.

ANY one who thinks of buying a commercial copy of a USGI Carbine should read this thread end to end for enlightenment on the topic.

Make a list of each problem, its apparent or real resolution by thread's end, and the evaluation of long term significance.

Likewise, make a list of each manufacturer, assembler, maker, owner, address, reviewer, and common parts supplier for your edification. Note that some brands are mentioned in passing and others are the subject of the thread. There is a lot of information in there and keep notes so you don't mix it up.

Then match your list of problems to the list of various brands mentioned. Or identify brands thought to be relatively problem free.

After that, make you own conclusions and decide if you would invest your own money in the products mentioned as an alternative to a USGI carbine.
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