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I own, and have owned several commercial copies. Some are junk, some are OK, some are excellent.

The junk one I had was a Universal. The OK one I had was a Plainfield, at least it was built with (mostly) USGI parts.

I am not impressed with the new Auto Ordnance or Inlands. The price on the AO is OK, but the corners cut to keep the price down don't really tickle me. The Inlands are just too much $$ also with suspect quality issues.

The excellent one I have......was built by me (with an assist from a departed friend on the bbl install), on a Fulton Armory receiver, with a new Criterion barrel, with as many new or like new USGI parts that I could get. was not cheap to build. I have more into it than I would by just buying a USGI mixmaster shooter, but the satisfaction of doing it myself (everything except installing/finish reaming the barrel), the knowledge gained by building it, and having basically a "NEW" carbine was worth the extra $$ to me. To some it might not be.
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