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All of us had no experience, and most would probably admit to being nervous about that lack of experience, until they shot their first match. And after that match, most would admit there was nothing to be nervous about, and they're now hooked.

A rifle, a sling, 35 rounds of ammo, two clips, empty chamber indicator, ear and eye protection, and water...that's all you need.

A shooting mat and glove, binoculars for scoring, lunch, sunscreen, a hat and a pen are all borderline necessary.

Things like heavy shooting coats, spotting scopes, carts, etc can all be acquired if you even decide you want them. They can help, and most have them, but they aren't by any means necessary.

Most new competitors I talk to are intimidated by working pits. Tell the guy in charge that you're new...he'll set you up with an old vet of the pits, and you'll have them down pat by the end of your first relay. Just remember not to pull the frame down during a rapid string, and pay close attention for your shooter's shots coming through in slow fire so you can mark and score them quickly.

Come on out and give that M1 a real job to do!
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