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Default SPF Rare Original GI M14E2 WALNUT Stock and Accessories - UPDATED

I have an M14E2 walnut stock that is real GI and shows minor use.The appropriate accessories are included to complete the entire M14E2 package as shown in the TM's. The stock is original, is marked with an SA on the rear where the butt plate sits and has a real GI butt plate assy. and real front fold-down grip. There aren't any numbers stamped into the metal flip-up plate. The inside of the grip is marked with FSN 7791672 with NE Inc below. It doesn't get more real than this. The stock just had a coat of tripple boiled linseed oil applied - it's not finished with a glossy cover coat. The bipod is an original M2 bipod in NOS condition and marked with FSN 760688. There is an "M" marking on the bipod feet. You won't find a nicer one. Included is the correct issued long sling with hooks for the front stock loop and the bipod loop. The muzzle compensator is the only repro item here - and is a truly excellent copy that I got 30 years ago. I assume it's a repro because it is not marked with the correct FSN. The rifle shown in the photos is NOT included.
This beautiful assemblage can be yours - but it aint cheap. I need $900 for everything shown except the rifle + actual shipping. See photos below. This is cross-posted.
If a real, FSN marked, muzzle stabilizer is required, one can be provided for an additional $100.

Thanks for looking


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