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Originally Posted by JB2205 View Post
I own three of the Kimber 82G models. I had shot one of them over the years and have one hole 5 shot groups off of a bench at 25 yds. using the military 51 ft small bore targets. The ammo I used was the bulk Federal 550 rounds to a box, not match ammo. I recently, after reading this post, shot the other two rifles to see if I had a bad one. Using the same targets and ammo I found out that I had a second one as accurate as the first. The third one was not so accurate and I mean by a lot. Yesterday I took the bad one out and started to torque the screws and trying to make it better with no luck. Before I left the range I decided to use different ammo and tried CCI and Rem Thunderbolts. The CCI was a little better than the Federal but not much. To my surprise, the cheapest dirtiest ammo, Rem thunderbolts, shot 5 shot one hole groups, go figure. Before you guys re-barrel and torque any more screws give some of the different ammos a try, even the ones that many of you would never have bought. I am glad I did and my apology for the long post, hope it can help some of you.
I would be real interested in how the three 82g's shoot for you at 100yds. no one around here shoots at 25yds and the ones I want to shoot against only shoot 100yd matches.
Thanks for your reply.
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