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Originally Posted by ChadC View Post
I ordered 2 for my kids....order went processed on the 6th and I got them yesterday! That was FAST! Looking forward to having some fun in the back yard with the kids.

Does anyone have a link to Daisy's parts online? I can't seem to find it.....although I saw some other goodies I'd like to order....
I ordered the parts straight from Daisy (800) 643-3458. You want the Model 888 Trigger Housing (Part no. 888-13) since it has the screw hole already installed and you probably should order a spare Model 853 trigger assembly (Part no. 853-20). I also order the Model 888 screw assortment (not sure of part no), but the operator was very friendly and helpful. That way I knew I would have the trigger pull adjustment screw.

Congrats on the purchases. I have been shooting the 853 with my son and I have made dramatic improvement in my offhand shooting and I FINALLY found a comfortable NPOA for my sitting position.
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