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Originally Posted by Blacksmith View Post
Here is a link to a .30 Carbine caliber Mann Accurcacy Device that was sold at auction. It has a different barrel contour than most pictured. Made by Remington Arms Inc. dated 1963. Hover over immages for closeup.

The 1903-A3 Remington receiver attached to the sawed off pistol grip of a 1903 scant stock looks exactly like both of my MANN barrels.
The barrel is sized down on both ends which would accomodate a split donut for firing it in a "V" block.
At one time I found pictures of a lot of variations of the donuts used with the MANN in a "V" block.
Among them was a split donut version.
Those images no longer reside anywhere in syber space (at least within my search capabilities).
I feel certain it was made for the Army arsenal that makes 30 Carbine ammo.
I only wonder why it was not made available to the CMP when the Arsenal was through with it.
The answer is probably ownership.
The Army can't give something to the CMP that it does not own.
Do you know the date of the auction?

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