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Originally Posted by kraigwy View Post
Remington furnished ammo to the military, so they would pretty much have to use the Mann like everyone else.

It's my understanding that the CMP did recieve 30 cal and even 45 cal Mann devices. I believe they weren't sold because of the barrel length was too short. Forgot where I read that.
Ref : The CMP's Steven T. Rutledge's report :
.22 Hornet Devices
There were only nine of the .22 Hornet devices on hand.
It is my understanding that the barrels will be removed and sold separately from the receivers.
(They all had short barrels which qualified them as a hand gun)
I sure wish the CMP had held on to them for a later opinion. Many CMP membera have aFederal Licence to have purchased them.)

.30 Caliber Carbine
(There is no reference to the number of these given to the CMP or their disposition. They all had 18 inch barrels so I assume they were sold.
This was a long time ago so perhaps this is one of them.)
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