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Originally Posted by 5 x 5 View Post
Thanks. I check that page periodically but I have no idea how often it's updated. I wouldn't want to submit paper work and payment for something that is sold out.

I live close to the north store so I want to just drive up to get one. But reading posts here, it seems people are buying these things up like crazy. Plus with the matches coming up they will prob sell alot more.

Please save me a service grade!

If I sign up for the Carbine club, since they don't give member cards, how long from the time I send payment til the CMP has the member info? And how will I know?
(AHEM) You might consider purchasing for others as an agent...for a few we unfortunately distant members (AHEM) cannot pick and choose!

Effective immediately, the following procedure is in place for CMP stores when someone other than the customer on the order form selects rifles and delivers the customer order form to CMP.

The person who is going to select a rifle for the customer should have the customerís completed order form to present at the same time he presents the rifle to the armorers in the store. The ship to address on the order form must be the same as the address we have on file for the customer. The order form must be notarized (even if notary in system is valid), so we know that it is the customer placing the order and not someone else placing the order and having the order shipped to customerís address. In addition, we require a separate letter of authorization signed by the customer stating the name of the person the customer is authorizing to select the rifle. That letter need not be notarized, but must be signed and signatures on order form and letter should match.
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