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Originally Posted by 5 x 5 View Post
So if I go to the store I just take my i.d., discharge papers, and proof of membership to a club (and money) and I walk out with a rifle?

What if I don't have a membership card for the Carbine club (I guess they dont have cards) ?

I duno about the carbine club or if they can look up your membership. But worst case, you pay 25$ there and join the Garand collectors association (GCA) and get 4 GCA magazines that are pretty awesome.

I brought my passport just in case, but they only looked at my DD214 and GCA club cards.

But yeah, you walk in, pick your rifle, do the paperwork and take it home.

I'd recommending picking up at least 2 cases of greek ammo. I regret only buying one box when I was there and I wish I would have picked up a bayonet. oh wel....maybe next trip.
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