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Originally Posted by broomhandle View Post
Hi Delta Tango,

I'm sorry for you and your family's loss, may he rest in peace.
Remember the good times with him

Good Luck with the 35 Whelen. I had to look it up, been a long time since I saw was developed in 1922.

Take care,
Thank you, He was a great guy, taught me how to shoot, hunt and machine metal. His mind was still sharp at 86, but his old body just let him down. The 35 Whelen has been a family favorite. I bought a Remington Classic 700 at a gun show years ago and was impressed with its performance. My left handed son hunts with a Remington 7600 pump in same caliber. This old drill rifle will be reactivated with leftover Ďkibbles and bitsí that Iíve run across along the way. It will be a short little thing and itís nickname will be ĎFrankenTankerí. Iím taking pictures as I go, just for the heck of it. Iím having more fun than this project deserves. No 1903A3 parts of any real value are going into this. Itís the ugliest drill rifle Iíve seen. ($150 Dupage drill) A purist would have chest pains seeing it. My dad said it reminded him of the old Johnny Cash song where he built himself a Cadillac from pilfered parts while working at a GM assembly plant. A 55, 56, 57, ..... automobile. Don
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