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Originally Posted by Quarterbore View Post
There was a question posted on ARFCOM that you can likely answer... or someone can answer!

In there the poster said they could choose Field Grade or CMP Special.

Can you verify just what your options are and is the difference in used wood vs new, 30-06 vs 7.62, or anything else? I am really curious and I am not sure that the OP ever got advice that applies. Both options involve a new barrel, right?

I attended the class in June 2015. We only had SA receivers and the criterion barrels were only chambered in 30/06. We were told because each bench has a complete set of tools it wasn't practical to offer barrels in one caliber and 30/06 was choosen. Our class ended on a Thursday. My buddy and i went to Talladega and shot our rifles at the one hundred yard range. At the time the range just opened. My friend had a problem with his rifle. It would only fire one round and the operating handle had to be manually. We returned to Anniston and Friday morning we returned to the classroom. After triubleshooting the lead instructor found the hammer was worn to the point it wouldn't lift the bolt.

It is a great class and i recommend it for anyone who wants to learn about the M1. Just in case you want to buy another M1 or other goodies, the South Store is opened on a day it's normally closed. No lines and the service was great.

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