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Copy of another chrono report from the Ethiopian thread

For the results I posted earlier the test rifle is a “Blue Sky” M1 Garand mixmaster: pre-war SA 36,xxx receiver, ‘52 barrel, and rebuild agglomeration of other parts.

Results with another rifle, a 1941 Johnson — on another day.

Danish (AMA headstamp) averages 2730 fps. S&B averages 2619.

My general observation is that ammunition gets faster as it ages. There is a great explanation of powder aging in the Norma reloading manual. Storage conditions are also a factor. Heat is the main thing. Keep your ammo cool (and dry). Stick powders age more gracefully than ball (spherical) powders.

My reloads in the high 2400 to low 2600 fps range function well and don’t beat up my old body and old rifles.
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