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Originally Posted by Yeoman007 View Post
Drill rifles and Rack grades of which models: M1 Garands, 1903 Springfields, or what?

Last I saw earlier this year, M1 Garand Drill rifles were going for $380 without tax. I haven't seen an M1 Rack Grade in the last five years. M1D Garands go for $955 right now, but there are no M1D Drill rifles to compare them to. I've seen 1903A3 Springfield Drill rifles go for more than the M1 drill rifles, but that's comparing apple to oranges; same with 1903 Springfields. I have no idea what a 1903A3 Rack Grade would sell for since I've never seen them offered.

Drill rifles may be "way overpriced" to you and me, but they still sell out pretty quickly. Can't really compare today's prices to what these models cost five or more years ago. The market has changed and I don't have a time machine.

>sigh< Ahh! for the good old days!

I bought a rack grade about 6 or 8 months ago. 1903 drill rifles went up from $150, but not by much. Can't remember the exact price. I've looked at the Garand drill rifles. Unless it's got some good parts, which they usually don't, the value isn't there.

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