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Originally Posted by Bwcritch View Post
What I'm curios about is if there is any salvaging that rifle to be good shooter? I'm only asking this if the receiver is sound and not bugared up, and the Crome be removed.
What you will find with one like that is that you will have to sacrifice the bolt to even have a slight chance of returning it to a shooter. The weld that holds the bolt in place welds the barrel to the receiver. The one I have has a Marlin barrel that measures 1 at the muzzle and 1 at the chamber. It isn't ready for test firing yet and won't until I get the test box built. Said test box will be out of 1/4" plate steel so that it can direct any blasts out the front. The first two rounds fired will be blanks. The second two will be proof rounds. It then will be checked with dye penetrant to make sure there are no hidden cracks after the test firing. Total weld on mine was under 1/2" and was a low temp rod. Also it will require work at the splines as they chromed over that area also. Firing pin is welded into the bolt at the face.

And if the owner wants to contact me after they get it, we could swap Op Rods. Mine has an HRA while this one had an SA.
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