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Default BM59 build~

Got into this project helping a good friend. He decided to build a BM59 rifle and his project of one rifle turned into six rifles. The base receivers were USGI Garand drill rifles ( he had two Beretta receivers for his keepers ).

I always liked the Beretta BM59 but never purchased one back in the day. They were never inexpensive and the BM62's were even more. Sarco has been selling parts for several years and other vendors ended up with really nice parts sets.

My rifle is an ITAL model Beretta that came from Numrich Parts. The parts sets were excellent and complete minus barrel and receivers. The ITAL is the model with the tri-comp, bipod and grenade launcher sighs and gas cut off. The "E" model looks like a stretched Garand. "E" model barrels are around but the ITAL barrels have dried up and making your own is about the only option until someone makes a run of them.

Anyway you need a receiver for the base build. USGI Garand receivers are the same receivers Beretta used originally and the best you can use. Finding nice Garand receivers today is not simple or inexpensive. Enter the CMP "Drill Rifle" Garand. For a little over $400 you get a real USGI receiver that need a little work to bring it back to life. Drill rifles vary in demil state but expect the barrel welded to the receiver , barrel welded shut, op rod welded to receiver , etc.

Getting the welded barrel off is simple along the the op rod welded to the receiver rail. The receiver rail will need TIG welded up and re-cut where the op rod tab release notch is located.

Once you do the repairs to the receiver you can start to modify it to BM59 specs. Generally this is opening up the receiver legs to accept the Beretta 7.62 magazine, angle cut the legs. Mill magazine stops on the receiver for the magazine to net on. Slot the front of the receiver to accept the bullet guide and front magazine catch. Open up the hole to use the new retainer pin. Slot the bolt stop so it can reach the Beretta magazine and open up the window so the bolt stop can pivot.

Optional is adding a stripper clip guide to the receiver.

Getting started~

Garand receivers are TOUGH and you will need carbide tooling to machine it.
Front hole opened up, legs rough milled to accept magazine and angle cuts.

Magazine now fits and mag stop surfaces milled~

Bolt stop area milled to accept Beretta bolt stop and pin inserted.

AR15 dust cover door hing pin used because its longer.
It will not "walk out" like the short factory pin that was retained by the auto parts.

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