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Ken: The GSVMM is the heart of CMP Games competition, embodied by the four rifle aggregate. The M1 unlimited class is not part of the aggregate and exists as a largely ignored class. No Springfield or Vintage unlimited but--the new MM unlimited promises to be a large and popular option. My hope is that it will be excluded from the aggregate (as is the M1 unlimited). It can stand alone as a match. The changes in MM rules seem to be an effort to bring it back toward the original concept....if the unlimited is not allowed in the aggregate. I regret the inclusion of free floated HGs as this pushes the ARs ahead of the other old semi's but it seems that M14 and M16 types are destined to dominate MM. If they allow unlimited in the four rifle aggregate, we will still have the three rifle aggregate for the purists. Unending, isn't it? Good Shooting. ...
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