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Originally Posted by 3StrikesNC View Post
...but which classes are eligible as the fourth gun in the Four Gun Aggregate? Class A & B only? Or will Unlimited be included?


Ken Lore
It seems pretty straightforward to me. Just piece together all the relevant rules sections.

4.6.6 As-Issued Military Rifle 4-Gun Aggregate
The As-Issued Military Rifle 4-Gun Aggregate may be included in the programs of the National Matches, CMP Travel Games or CMP Sanctioned Matches. The aggregate is a total of scores fired in the John C. Garand Match (Rule 4.2.2), the Springfield Rifle Match (Rule 4.2.3), the Vintage Military Rifle Match (Rule 4.2.4 or 4.2.5) and the Modern Military Rifle Match (Rule 5.6.2).

5.6.2 Standard Modern Military Rifle Match
b) Rifles. Any Modern Military Rifle that complies with Rule 5.2.2 and Rule 5.2.3 or 5.2.4 may be used. Competition events may be divided into two classes for Modern Sporting Rifle (Class A) and Modern Military Rifles (Class B).

5.2.2 General Rules for Modern Military Rifles

5.2.3 Standard U.S. Modern Military Rifles, Class A

5.2.4 Standard Modern Military Rifles, Class B

So, the way I read it is the 3 & 4 gun aggregate consists of Garand, Springfield, Vintage & Modern Military A & B. No unlimited Garand or Modern Military.

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