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Question Reloading Supplies App for Android?

I see a lot of people are reading this thread. I am definitely interested in feedback. I can rearrange fields and pre-populate data if anyone cares to provide the appropriate feedback. Also, if anyone has taken the time to customize this and populate the drop down fields they can easily share their customizations with others.

If there is enough interest I can build an android app for this that will integrate with the desktop version of NM Collector Software.

Let me know if there is interest in an android app for this by replying to this post. My currently available android apps that integrate with the desktop version of NM Collector Software include Amazon NM Collector Android Apps and NM Collector Apps on Google Play.

BTW, I am more than happy to help track reloading equipment and supplies but I really do not intend to build a reloading application because there are plenty of other good ones out there and I do not want to accept any amount of liability in case of a reloading accident.

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