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Default FS: Colt SP1, Thompson M1, M3 Grease Gun, SSG-97,

For sale:
Please read this first:
Like most other posts, the first unconditional “I’ll take it” posted here gets it. Please follow with a pm and your name address, etc. USPS Money Order or certified bank check only please, including a note so I make sure you get what you paid for. Sold as is. If extra insurance is desired, please ask.

Continuation of my getting out of the firearms and militaria collecting hobby. I will be listing many (50 or so) other firearms, ammo and accessories. I am working through taking enough pics to provide an accurate idea of the items. Please don’t pm me with questions of things to come, I’ll do my best to get everything out there when the info is ready. Firearms from my FFL to yours (please make sure your side is handled). Items only sold to you if legal in your area, please know your laws.

1. M203 style (37mm) launcher. Sold.

2. Thompson. Sold

3. M3A1 Grease Gun, Valkyrie Arms. Semi-auto A beautiful recreation in .45ACP with non-collapsible wire stock and 16” barrel. An awesome modern version of a classic WWII firearm! Older production, bought new by me, never fired. Includes 6 (six!) 30 round mags, 3 still wrapped! a short dummy/display barrel and the owners manual. $1180.00 SHIPPED! plus desired insurance, my FFL to yours.

Thanks for looking!!

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