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Originally Posted by skeet41 View Post
Great post on changing a barrel. Where did you purchase your reamer and handle, what is the product information. The reamers I see on the Brownell's or Midway web sight's don't seem to have the handle. Do you remove the screw holding the barrel bushing in place and insert the handle there? Once again, Great Post.
For a Garand you need what's called a Pull Through Reamer. Both Brownell's and Midway sell them.

Brownells sells just the reamers but you need the bushing and the extension rod to do the job.

The handle I'm using on the extension rod is just a regular adjustable tap handle you should be able to get at any hardware or tool store.

I'm not sure what you mean by a removing a screw holding on a barrel bushing???

The extension rod is inserted into the muzzle and the reamer is screwed on. Place the bushing on the reamer and apply light finger pressure on the back of the bolt against the back of the reamer/bushing (enough to just cut) as you turn the extension rod with the tap handle.

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