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Few more pics taken in the field. Not the best quality; could only find some butcher block paper for a background.

The consensus of our hunting party was that the slide and receiver did not appear to be reparkerized during overhaul due to wear marks on the rails and inside of the upper slide. The parkerization is also thin on the rear sights and front of the slide; probably due to holster wear. The barrel marked HS might be original to the pistol but has been reparkerized with no wear marks. The barrel bushing is either or new or reparkerized. The slide stop is new or reparkerized. The recoil spring plug is new or reparkerized. The recoil spring appears to be new. The recoil spring guide might be original. The dark plastic grips look new. The grip screws look new or never removed.
The slide and receiver all have very sharp lettering and no scratch mark on the receiver from the someone not knowing how to install the slide stop. The safety lever on the receiver appears to be a new replacement. Overall the pistol looks perfect and doesn't rattle when you shake it. That's a first for me as every issued 45 I had always rattled as if it was well worn.
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