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Originally Posted by SEANinMICH View Post
If you allow one additional can for each garand purchased you will have two new sets of complainers:

1- "I can only afford one garand per lifetime but I want ammo to shoot it"

2- "It's the profiteers that are buying 12 garands a year, now you are rewarding them with additional ammo"

There is no limit on purchases that will ever be considered "fair". The only logical move is to sell it at street price of $150+ per can. This will (theoretically) filter out the "profiteers" by removing their profit margins. It will also control sales pace and extend inventory life to appease those that think it will last forever.
I noticed a dealer at the last gunshow I attended had ten or so cans priced at $140.00, and he took all ten cans home with him Sunday. Maybe there's two street prices involved. One is the price the dealer is asking, the other the one the customer is willing to pay.
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