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Default South Store & Talledega Store Report 9-27-2019

I made a spur of the moment trip to both stores today just to look at what was available and get a sling. What I saw reflected the earlier report .

I arrived at the South Store at about 12:30 PM and there was a restock of the South Store today . There are some Field Grade WW II and post war SA Garands , some with WW II barrels , wood is needing TLC but not too bad . Saw a 4.7 HRA SG in a CMP stock , saw some WRA Field Grades too & one had a WRA barrel , some IHC's too . 1903's are decent , some of the dark bores had brightness peeking out and I believe most would clean up just fine . There was a SA 1903 with a 1918 RIA barrel , a couple of MK 1's , all high serial numbers . Saw a Rock Island high number too . Stars of the day were the Rack Grade Specials . Did not see a lot of pitting , just medium sandblasted receivers , some WRA's too . The new barrels and stocks make these rifles at $650.00 a easy choice for a rifle to develop into a great shooter .

Talledega store was much the same . Found two Field Grades , one HRA & one SA that have matching yellow inspection tags from the 1960's . Both had great barrels and should be really good shooters .Found a 1903 Remington Modified with it's original RA 5-42 barrel that had a 2 on the throat and a 3+ on the muzzle . dark bore but was shining underneath so I bet it would shoot just fine . Another high number RIA , more rack grade specials and IHC's .

The shoppers on Saturday will have a good group of rifles to choose from . I didn't check too closely on Garand barrel and receiver dates but did notice quite a few I believe are correct & possibly original to each other . No C stocks on 1903's , mostly early grasping groove stocks with a few scants in the mix as well as a few 03-A3 trigger guards . All 1903's were high serial numbers .

At the Talledega Store there were some 1944 dated web slings for $35.00 , MRT dated slings for $15.00 and $10.00 . I got a 1953 MRT sling for ten bucks that was really nice.

Good luck and happy hunting .

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