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Originally Posted by Mississippi Kid View Post
Restock was the term used by the person behind the counter to describe the exchange of rifles so I used the same term and I didn't know about the exchange or issues .

Nevertheless , some nice rifles with potential to be had today . Thanks PH 68 for all the great reports you do for those of us who make it over once or twice a year . Your reports help keep my Garanditis alive and well.
You gave really good information and well done. The armors rotate often and sometimes I have to work to be sure I understand what their doing with the inventory. They donít hide it but sometimes I need more clarification before I report what they are doing in the store. One time, years ago I was told about what would be in the store the next day and I reported it.... The next day it didnít show up and there were LOTS of customers there for that type of rifle and NONE were present!!! I was looking for a place to hide and learned to NEVER post it unless I see it..... thanks again for your post.
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