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Originally Posted by PH68 View Post
...CMP has a beautiful pink camouflaged (designed and hand painted by CMP Employee MATT CARROLL) Daisy Air Rifle up for auction in support of cancer awareness, October 1-31th) at South Store, North Store and Auction site in support of American Cancer Society. The rifles were build by Jeff and Ellyn Knight, owners of Cheaha Armory, who did a great job and it will make some little girl a great gift. Rob30-06 and I have started the bidding, currently at 250.00 and I hope others will support this great cause while in the stores or by contacting CMP with your bid. 100% of the money will be donated by the CMP..... Don’t be shy, bid NOW..... Rob30-06 will post photo... Also very good selection of CMP PINK t-shirts available, so when you buy yourself a rifle you can tell wife/girlfriend you were thinking about them and want to give them a gift!!!
There is also an auction for a M1 Garand. It should be in the SS very soon.

Initial opening bid is $650!

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