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Default My USMC Rebuild 1903

Thanks to a friend, I finally have a USMC weapon, and as a Marine, it feels pretty damn good. It’s a late RIA Receiver. This rifle appears to have gone through 3 rebuilds. First one was in around 1927. The USMC ordered 10,000 barrels that year. The second being in the late 30s where it received a Hatcher hole and most likely a serialized bolt. The third, reparked and prob received this J marked stock, which have been exclusive to USMC rifles. It also has staked action screws, which was only done by the Marines. Bore gauges less than 1 and is shiny. This rifle has a very good chance at being one of the 24,000 rifles that saw action on Guadalcanal. It has erosion and pitting under the woodline, kinda like what you would expect from a hot, humid, salt air environment. Obviously that pitting had been there a while as it when it was reparked, it filled in that pitting. I’m very excited. Hope you enjoy the photos!

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