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Default Deciding on which M1 Garand and interested in Carpooling...

Originally Posted by JimScharf View Post
The north store currently has a nice rack of $795.00 special grades. I helped a new guy pick one out just the other day. I went down the line and set the butt out on anything with a .5 or less muzzle. That turned out to be most of them with about every third or fourth rifle having a zero muzzle! These are probably the best deal going in a M1 Garand right now.
First off, I am really excited to be on this forum, I have been wanting an M1 Garand for some time now but just didn't know enough. I have been on here now for a week or so and have been learning a lot. I am so anxious to purchase my first Garand but just want to make the right decision in which one.

Jim, thanks for your info, I am in between weather to buy a service grade or a CMP Special and not sure what to do. $795 is cheaper than the website price of $995, is there something different about them? I want to take the trip up but wouldn't mind car pooling with someone, I would even be willing to be the person driving. Do you work there or were you just there purchasing a Garand? Are the CMP employees helpful when you are there, do they go through the guns with people like me as you did with someone, or do they have the muzzle values written on them already? Thanks again for you help...
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