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According to Mr. Scott Duff's blue book on the post war M1 Garand, the last "official" M1 Garand came off of the Springfield Armory assembly line at 10:43 AM on 17, May 1957. Mr. Garand attended the ceremony. The serial number of this rifle was 6084405. It is now on display at the Springfield Armory museum. M1 Garand's with higher serial numbers than 6084405 do exist, however, they are rather rare, hard to find and very valuable. Many high 6-million serial numbered M1 Garands were built into National Match rifles using left over existing receivers. Some believe that a few 7.62mm NATO chambered Garands were also produced using the same left over existing receivers from when regular M1 Garand production stopped and M14 production began.
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