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Originally Posted by greypilgrim76 View Post
Yeah, part of the problem is that the $625 price tag the CMP offers is at the tip-top of my price range (I'm a lowly graduate student), so my options are not to buy a Garand or to roll the dice on a CMP SA SG and be happy with whatever I get. Like I said, though, the most important thing is to get guns that shoot and look good on the wall, WWII or otherwise. My Mosin-Nagant is 1939 and looks like it was used through most of the war, so a newer, prettier Garand might be a good compliment.

Now if only the UK had a version of the CMP selling Enfield No4 MkIs...
Check Allan's Armory periodically for the Enfields. He doesn't have any listed right now, but he gets them in from time to time and his prices are usually quite reasonable. The last batch went from $150 to $210 (if I remember correctly) depending on condition.
As for the Garand, my suggestion is to wait a little bit to allow them to get caught up and make the pilgrimage to the North Store and look for a nice Field Grade. I have a very nice six-digit FG that was hand-selected for me by Magna at the South Store. Gems can be found in the FG racks from time to time.
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