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The 5th edition of the Pa. State Garand, Springfield & Vintage Championship opened to unseasonably warm temperatures and sunny skies this past Saturday at Reade Range.

This would be the first year that the championship was contested on the new Hex electronic target system. The 20 shooters in attendance were not disappointed as the target system performed admirably. The normal finish time for this match, shooting 3-35 shot course "A" matches, in the past has been 5 PM. This years match was done at an amazing 2:30 pm.

The shooting was as hot as the summer like temperatures with a total of 35 CMP club medals handed out. The Springfield class was the leader in medal winners with 13 total.

When the final scores were in Tom Hemphill captured the State 3 gun Aggregate title with a score of 839-13. Hot on his heels was last years champ Tom Morley with a score of 820-26 for the silver medal. Mike Bottinger captured the bronze with a score of 814-15.
The individual class winners were M1 Tom Hemphill 287-4, Springfield Mike Bottinger 282-3, Vintage bolt rifle Jim Madar 282-3.

Tom Morley also went on to earn 6 LEG points the following day at Reade's
last EIC match of the year.

Special thanks to Josh Stemerick who as soon as he finishes his last string of shooting heads to the grill and has hot dogs and assorted goodies ready for the hungry shooters.

Thanks to all who attended. It is always nice to see old friends and meet new ones. Start getting ready for 2018!
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