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Originally Posted by ken792 View Post
The EO ban on importation does not affect the CMP because the CMP does not import its firearms. The CMP receives surplus from the DoD. Sometimes that surplus is located overseas, and the CMP pays for the transit home, but it was always DoD property.

If you want the CMP to get more rifles, then contact your representatives to try to get foreign countries to return their MAP loaned rifles. I know Turkey received about 328k M1. A few tens of thousands were destroyed during the Klinton administration and a few thousand were returned to the DoD and then to the CMP in late 2012. The Turks still likely have the rest of them and are holding on to them for war reserve. Hopefully they will give them back soon.
Could someone explain the difference between MAP rifles and Korean rifles.Shouldn't these be given back to the DoD/Army? I'm probably missing something here that makes them different.
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