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Originally Posted by jnespappa View Post

I received the new trigger guards and a few replacement triggers from Daisy on Saturday. Great service from them, BTW. Below is the new trigger guard with adjustment screw.

After doing the "Pilk Guns" trigger mod, the trigger pull is now MUCH improved, more crisp, more repeatable and with reduced over-travel. A caution from my experience with the noted mod. I cut the first trigger to match the Pilk Guns tutorial as best as I could. Reassembled and I could "fire" the rifle even with the safety on. Glad I order extra triggers. I cut the second one more conservatively and it is securely blocked when in "safe" mode.

Two down, one to go:

Prior to the trigger mods, I got my hands on some NRA AR5-10 targets and set up at 10 meters in the back yard with a plywood (temporary) backstop. I shot two 88s and an 89 from prone, with sling, sweatshirt, and glove. Now that the trigger mods are done I will try a few more targets for comparison and post the results.
Those look great. I just ordered one for my grand daughter today. What did you use to strip the stocks? Also where did you order the trigger guards from, I cannot find any parts available?

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