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I got to the NS today at 8:40. There were 15 to 20 people I was a little surprised and thought that there would be more. The original post from yesterday on the inventory was pretty much the same.

WRA and IHC SG and FGs a rack of each

Most of the IHC and WRA FGs with hackberry stocks
Most of the IHC SGs that I checked out had CMP replacement stocks. There were a lot of them that had original LMR barrels.

Most of the WRAs and IHCs were pretty rough

There were 2 full racks of drill rifles that as stated earlier were ignored for the most part.

When I first got there, there were 7 03A3s and only 3 when I left. I didnt get a chance to check out the 7 when I first arrived but the 3 that were left werent that bad but no where near the condition of the one I was able to pick up last year when the NS had them available.

They had quite a few specials, Cs and Ds.

About 10 of the Daisy 853s.

A box and a half of VERY nasty leather slings.

Both M7 and M5A1 bayonets. They had an M7 on the counter but you had to ask to see the M5A1s.

They also had phones in the USGI case ($40) and gammo sites ($5). I never saw these available before.

Ill be stopping back on my way home if I have any $$ left after commercial row LOL
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