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The 21 shooters that arrived at Reade Range Saturday morning for the Pa. State GSV match were greeted with clear skies and pleasant tempuratures.
In leiu of the traditional cannon shot the .45 acp crack of a 1911 signaled Colors and the start of the day. The clear skies allowed firing to begin promptly at 8:00 am
and at approximaitley 4:47 pm the last rounds found their way through the targets. When the scores were totaled the winners were as follows:
M1 match winner: Randy Ent firing a 280-2
Springfield match winner Tom Hemphill firing a 283-5
Vintage winner: Mark Holsopple firing a 284-2
The 3 gun State Championship found the three individual match winners fighting it out for the gold.
Mark Holsopple of Wilcox Pa. secured the win with his stong finish in the Vintage Rifle match.
Holsopple's score of 837-9 earned him the gold medal with silver going to Hemphill at 832-14 and bronze to Randy Ent with an 818-8
Once again a good mix of veteran shooters combined with moderately experienced and first time match shooters filled the competition ranks.
It was observed that the veteran shooters made every effort to help the new guys. Reaction after the match showed those efforts to be well recieved as most new shooters
expressed desire to return to competition as soon as possible.
A total of 16 place medals were awarded in addition to the 3 gun awards
A special "Thank You" to Wendy Hemphill and Jennifer Stemerick for outstanding stat duty and having the scores completly totaled by match end so that everyone in
attendance knew the results before the last of the hot dogs
were consumed.
Also thank you to all competitors for your unending cooperation in making the match run so smooth.
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