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Default Establishing Bore And Barrel Condition ...

Establishing the bore and barrel condition is fun and easy IF you have the necessary stuff. Even if you do not, lots can be done to consider what you have.

We do the following before buying another USGI M1 Carbine for the family. We shoot the gun. See how it prints. Are the holes round? Are the sights on?

If the little rifle shoots great then most probably a 90% chance of purchase. Close examination MIGHT detect some major safety flaw like cracks.

Scrub out the bore with brushes and solvent then use a cheapo bore light. Look for rings and gross corrosion, pitting and the like. Takes good eyes.

If you have a 12 gage 00 buckshot round, take out one ball and gently force it down the bore. Mike the resulting slugged buckshot. A .308 bore is good.

But some worn out barrels still shoot good. Good groups with good ammo. No key holing. The holes are round. Again shooting the Carbine is best.

If you want to and if you have all the gages and stuff it is fun and easy to do a close exam. We do not have a bore camera snake. Too expensive but nice.

We start by running a series of barrel straightness gages carefully down the muzzle. Easy to get one stuck. We go slow and easy. Is the barrel straight?

Then a throat gage. Easy to use. Then a muzzle wear gage. Again easy to use. All of the measurements are subjective. Not an exact science for us.

Does the piston move freely? No real point of taking the piston nut off. If the Carbine functions 100% then we just leave it alone. The exception is the M2.

That is about it. All fun and easy if you got the gages. Even if you do not still easy to determine bore condition. Shoot. Scrub and slug. Bright bore light.

Works for us shooters. We are not collectors. This is just to establish bore condition. It does NOT address all the other wear and safety checks necessary.

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