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Originally Posted by Twinson View Post
I personally would like to see a cost effective entry level M1 Rifle. Say $400 for your first M1 Rifle purchase (that's for a real shooter, not one that was beat like a rented mule) (kind of like once per lifetime). After that, if you wanted another M1 Rifle you would pay the regular price (how they are priced now). Maybe this could be combined with an M1 Rifle clinic and upon completion you would receive a certificate for the purchase of an M1 Rifle for the $400. For new shooters looking to start shooting Garands in the John C Garand match, many are left unable to afford the price of current M1 Rifles. Seeing the attendance drop in the John C. Garand match over the years really bothers me (I'm 45 and it appears that I was one of the younger shooters in the match. I know a lot of us have nice collections of many rifles, but we need more young shooters in this sport. My .02.
They are tasked by law with selling them at current value, not $400+ below value. In any case, I suspect there will be very few "new" shooters who benefit from this special low price, but at that price a lot of wives, in-laws, and other family members of current buyers will suddenly take a huge interest in "shooting"

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