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Default Rng 8586

Packet sent: September 19, 2018
Packet received: Unknown
Lottery Number assigned: 8586 on 2/21/2019
Contact that it is my turn: 8/12/2019
Received: 8/14/2019
Make received: Colt Slide, Ithaca Frame
Model received: 1911
Serial Number received: 252609
Grade received: Offered Field. Selected Field
Received a Field Grade 1911 on August 14. A 1918 Colt receiver and Ithaca slide. One set of rebuild marks: Ogden rebuild marks. Barrel has "COLT 45 AUTO" and a "P" embossed on it. Has a "JM" symbol stamped in a circle on left side.

Any/all other info GREATLY appreciated!!!!
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