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Originally Posted by Dan13 View Post
Has anyone replaced their stock Army issued recoil spring? I decided since I plan to get proficient with mine, I should take responsible steps to place the least amount of punishment to my 1911. One such step is replacing the recoils spring. From my research, Wolff and Wilson Combat rate high for their replacement springs for these Government issued pistols. I chose the Wilson Combat version, but noticed immediately when I went to replace the stock spring there were differences.

First, the spring is about an inch longer. My research showed new springs compress about 1/2" either sitting for a few weeks compressed or by shooting about 200 rounds or so through the gun. So, I am not too worried about the length. However, what I am concerned about is the number of coils. The stock had 30 coils and the replacement has 32. The spring diameter looks the same, so that would tell me full compression will change. I placed a call to Wilson Combat and the guy assured me this was the correct spring length/coils for my 1911 and not to cut any coils off.

Anyone replace their stock recoil spring with a Wilson Combat (or similar spring) and have any feedback as to if these extra coils will be an issue?

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