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Originally Posted by SMAWman View Post
Toki, would powder coating the outside of the scope be an alternative?
Close by my warehouse is a powder coating operation that is well respected. I know absolutely nothing about the qualities of powder coating so I thougt I would ask before looking like an idiot in front of them. Funny, I don't have that problem here!
Thanks for any feedback.

There is no need to.. I started taking off the paint (and once again, used GEL BASED EPOXY REMOVER so that it doesn't wick into the scope) and guess what I found?
Well, a BEAUTIFUL Black Oxide finish!!! What the hell?? I can only assume they painted them because the ocular bell didn't really come out the same color as the tube (it's probably a different alloy) but it's not bad at all.

FYI, the turret caps are not painted, they are the originally bluing, so don't try and remove the finish on them.

THIS is what is under the paint. I removed the paint from this portion of the tube.

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