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OK, finished stripping.
The black oxide finish under the paint is beautiful. I have no idea why they painted over it. I touched up the ocular and objective bells with cold blue paste, heat and steel wool.
If I had original turret knobs, caps and an ID plate, I could pass this off as an original M84 to 95% of you. Be careful if you are buying new looking M84s. You can tell by the turret base on the tube, it's got a rough, stippled finish. The internal parts are a bit lighter in weight, so the scope is lighter than an original, which is a bit of a give a way, but once again, 1st time buyers won't know this.
I'm going to swap out the erector glass with glass I have to see if it fixes the weird parallax problem I see (which doesn't affect sight picture, BTW).

OK, I have 2 M84 jobs I have to finish up this weekend, so I will finish this review/upgrade later.

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