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CMP Service Grade, luck of the draw.

S/N 5697170
ME 1+ TE 1+
Receiver H 6528291
Barrel HRA 6535488 10-55
Windage Knob DRC
Elevation Knob HRA
Trigger Housing 6528290 HRA N
Trigger Guard Stamped
Trigger Unmarked
Hammer HRA 5546008
Bolt 6528287 HRA U
Op Rod 6535382 HRA
Gas cylinder Flat top, wide base, dark finish
Plug HRA
Bullet guide Un-numbered, crescent notch

Came with a very dark post-war stock with grenade sight holes. Butt stock replaced with an HRA 1/2 DAS stock purchased from a forum member.

[I also have HRA receiver 5611164 purchased as a CMP field grade special, chambered in .308.]
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