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Originally Posted by ceresco View Post
The exact OAL is not critical. You need enough bullet inside the case neck to hold the bullet firmly. Exceeding the Max OAL OF 3.34" will usually jam the bullet into the rifling....something to be avoided. I am mystified by the bullet choices shooters often make. Most of the CMP M1s are used at 100-200 yards. There is no reason to use heavy or boat tail bullets at these distances. Most shooters would be well served using flat base bullets under 140 grains with starting loads. Cost and recoil will be lowered with no loss of accuracy or function. A search of these forums will produce an abundance of information on this subject. Good Shooting. ..
My bullet choices are based on price.
I will by the best deal 125-168s . The 155s often on sale for less than the 125/130s.
i dont see much choices between 130 and 150s for any better prices.
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