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.Steve., you appear to have posted that in your test loads with W296 you used standard small rifle primers. My Speer #14 manual says to use magnum primers with this powder for reliable ignition. Perhaps that would have made a difference in your testing of 14.0gr?

I recently did test loads of 14.0, 14.3, 14.5, 14.7, and 15.0gr of H110 with CCI magnum primers, and the 14.0gr load was more consistent (both in POI and FPS) and a bit higher velocity than the Aguila I bought from CMP. 14.5 wasn't bad either looks almost exactly like the 14gr one.

i.e. Aguila 1796-1939 1856avg
14.0gr H110 1857-1933 1886avg
14.5gr H110 1908-1948 1928avg

I'm probably going to load more at 14gr and see how they go. If I can get more or less the same performance (punching paper) using less powder, why use more?
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