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Bottom line. Hopped elite works very well to prevent corrosion after shooting corrosive ammo. Put your rifle in the bathtub and scrub for an hour if you want, but I can see way more damage being done. Am I the only one not buying into the windex/ bathing your gun in water after shooting it concept. Corrosive ammo is usually cheap and plentiful. I would never shoot it in an auto loading rifle. My concern in the gas system. I would shoot it all day in a bolt action. Clean it within a few days and oil it. Has anyone tried my method and had rust or corrosion? I want to hear direct experiences and not your cousins friends nephew who shot a round of corrosive and had a bucket of rust 5 hours later. Corrosive primers were used for many years and I feel confident shooting the ammo from bolt actions and cheap pistols (tokarev stockpile)
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