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Been a long time since I was here. Dial up and an ancient computer.

The only thing I would add to what is above is that copper fouling should be removed from the barrels for two reasons:

1) Most basic is that salts get trapped between the steel barrel and the copper streaks attracting water making corrosion.

2) More complicated is that the two dis-similiar metal make a battery and end up eating the steel under the copper. Galvanic corrosion is the term, I think.

I remain happy with my original cleaning suggestions. They amount to the removal of salts and then the removal of copper and powder fouling. The USGI Bore Cleaner does both. The Hoppe's #9 works on powder fouling and copper. Between them, they have kept my bores bright and shinny.

I did see recently an advertisement for a new corrosive primer specific bore cleaning solution. What it was called escapes me at the moment. Perhaps some one has seen it advertised?
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