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Default Korean M2 Ball basics

here is the info from the Korean Ammo post below


This is the surplus Korean M2 Ball. It is good quality and decent for plinking and some lots are more accurate than others. It is found packed in 20 round boxes or in Garand clips.

The two choices are:

"PS" headstamped (Poonsang Metal Corp, Seoul) Sometimes confused as "P8".

"KA" headstamped (Korean arsenal, Pusan)

Notice the headstamps below. The ammo is identical to USGI ammo and performs similar. Accuracy was about 3-4" @100yds with an "average" Garand. The cases are ALL Boxer primed and reloadable, just remove the crimp first.

There are a few drawbacks....namely in that ALL "KA" ammo is corrosive so clean accordingly. While the "PS" ammo is non-corrosive there are a few problem batches of ammo, namely lot 2-152 and 156. These are all '75 dated and have had splits that run into the primer pocket. It is interesting to note that the US had similar problems at Frankford Arsenal in the 20's & 30's. One, the brass "disks" that were to be formed into cases were too close together and they got nicks in them. These nick caused cracks to form down the case and they could ruptere under pressure. On some of the Lot 2-152 cases you can actually see the "nick" near the case head. These will definitly split when fired. The other was from the headstamp die being offcenter and it too caused a "hard or brittle" spot on that side of the casing.

The reason for this may be that the Poonsang factory didn't start production until late 1973 and possibly got a bad batch of brass early on or they were just having some start up problems. Later years and different calibers do not have any problems. Buy this ammo up now while it's still around, you may regret it one day!
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